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Jordan Leno – TwentyThree

7 song instrumental album from producer Jordan Leno.

Hippie Sabotage – Bust Em Down (Video)

Hippie Sabotage released their first video “Bust’ em Down” from their instrumental tape Vacants. The video is directed by Aris Jerome and creates a visual representation of the diverse sound selection on Vacants. Hot girls and puppy dogs. Something for everyone.

Download Vacants | Follow Hippie Sabotage on Twitter.

Reign State and Plug The Producer Vol. 2

Reign State had an opportunity to place a track on Sarah J’s Plug The Producer series hosted by DJ Pain 1 and Track is called Stupid Money.

P.M.O – La La La x Pure Bread (instrumentals)

Two new ones from P.M.O.

Ty Weathers – Evergreen (instrumental)

New edgy rock sounding instrumental from Ty Weathers.

Terminill – Georgia Landstone (instrumental)

Terminill – Snowfall Subbin (instrumental)

Reign State – Raw Paper (instrumental)

P.M.O – Progress (instrumental)

The Latest

Lock Out

Dr Term w/Farnell Newton (horns)


New Instrumentals for June

Been too long since I uploaded any beats online.  Some recent stuff.

Flatline Studios Commercial

Flatline Studios located in Portland, OR takes you from the studio to the stage with Northwest hip-hop recording artist, Luck-One as he records a new song and goes directly afterwards to perform at in front of a packed crowd.

Directed/Edited by V1 Creative.


Beat update…

Been working on doing a lot of custom stuff so finding the time to post up available beats as been not as frequent. ┬áHere is some latest stuff I’ve been working on, some of the custom tracks are included as well.