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Theoretics – Sunsets Feat. Grynch & Afrok

Music by Theoretics (Ben Krulewitch, Adam Gross, Cameron Peace, Art Brown, Birch Pereira), Lyrics by Grynch & Afrok.

Cover by Andrew Savoie

Ben Krulewitch, Rhodes
Adam Gross, Drums, Programming
Art Brown, Alto Saxophone
Birch Pereira, Electric Bass
Cameron Peace, Guitar, Noise effects

Mic Capes – No More (Amen) (Produced by Lex Royale)

From Mic –

Today is my birthday so I decided to drop the second single off of my upcoming sophmore project “Concrete Dreams”. “No More (Amen)” is produced by Lex Royale and mixed and mastered by Dan Lafferman of Booty N Bass studios. This is for my dreamers who stay determined to reach their goals no matter how big the obstacles are or how bad the situation may be. The most important thing is while going after these goals, we always keep faith. Enjoy! #WeOverMe

Zaman Band – Batalti Eli

No idea whats going on here, but I feel it.

|SOS| – She Wants

Seinabo Sey – Younger

Produced by Magnus Lidehäll
Release November 25th (Scandinavia)

PropaneLv – Pills and Potions (Remix)

I tracked the vocals with PropaneLv on his latest remix to Nick Minaj’s Pills and Potions. Propane is easy to work with in the studio and showed me a new style of recording that I think I will start implementing with other artists.

Mixed by D. Shuts
Filmed by Cam Everson

Raz Simone – Bow Down

Video Directed by: Joe Garber
Animation: Carina Simmons
Produced by Raz Simone & Jake Crocker

Conquering Our Fear Of Death

Man has “a mind that soars out to speculate about atoms and infinity, who can place himself imaginatively at a point in space and contemplate bemusedly his own planet. This immense expansion, this dexterity, this ethereality, this self-consciousness gives to man literally the status of a small god in nature…Yet, at the same time… man is a worm and food for worms”
- Ernest Becker

Terror Management Theory —

The Real Planet of the Apes

Our crew traveled to remote Liberia to discover ‘Monkey Island,’ an area inhabited solely by former lab tested chimpanzees who survived disease and two civil wars. We go to the island, interview the locals and meet the scientists involved in the testing facility 25 years ago.

This documentary is a Motherboard production, made possible by 20th Century Fox’s Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.